If you're not watching America's Got Talent, please check out the finals. My dear friend Jon “Magic Man” Dorenbos made it! More than that, Jon is on top of the people heap. If you're looking for personal inspiration, here's your guide. Now America is discovering the depth of his being, along with being blown away by his stellar magical skills.
One reason we have become close is that he's just the way I like my friends - a little nuts, very loving, compassionate and creative. Of course, FUNNY. I dig the way he approaches the rough parts of life too - with integrity, character and resolve. Plus, he plays football for my Philadelphia Eagles!
Jon resonates with a personal chosen mission as well, to raise awareness of the amazing effects laughter has on the mind, body and soul. Jon jumped right on board, and is literally now on the board of Laughter Heals, a non-profit created when one of my other best friends was diagnosed with brain cancer years ago. That amazing amigo, Michael Goldberg, also had huge passion for all Philly teams, especially our beloved Birds. I think love, with healthy doses of giggles, kept him alive WELL past the doctor's grim prognosis. When Golds passed away he was buried in his favorite Eagles jersey, just the way he would want it. I wish Golds was around to be a part of the Dorenbos road to joy and ride along with us. Actually, he probably is...
Laughter Heals is going big. The movement's roots are tied to an old friend and now attached to a new one. #46 and I have been on the stage together many times since we met. How generous he was to come to my old hometown for a benefit we produced for a close childhood pal, Rob Horner, who died from lung cancer. Jon was also an awesome, perfect addition to our Enlightened UP weekend retreat this past March, and we're now developing a stage show called "The Magic of Laughter," an entertaining, funny show, with the added intention of assisting others in managing pain when it seems insurmountable. 

Now, watch next Tuesday on NBC and vote for Jon Dorenbos!
Please visit our Laughterheals.org site. Obviously, we can use your support. Melissa Emmendorfer came up with a fun idea to raise funds for Laughter Heals. Check out her story below & see how you can help!
Laughter Heals!  -Craig Shoemaker