Welcome to the Laughter Heals Website!

My name is Craig Shoemaker. I have been a stand-up comedian since my junior year of high school. Trust me, that is a very long time ago. In 2003 we began the journey of further exploration into the healing powers of laughter, which was inspired by the news of my dear friend Michael Goldberg’s grim prognoses after being diagnosed with brain cancer. One thing I have learned from all the years doing stand-up is how much laughter adds value to life and shifts consciousness. It alleviates depression & gives people hope. My friend Golds shared similar beliefs about humor and he outlived the doctors’ opinions by 15 years! I hope you join our movement, we want to help erase the muck, one yuck at a time.
We are now happy to announce that Kirkland & Ellis LLP has taken us to non-profit status. I spent years self-funding this mission, but now we are ready to explode worldwide. Also thank you for the brilliant web design services provided by Jason Niedle & Tethos

We are off & running now and glad you are all a part of it. Please share this with your friends & neighbors and get in on the ground floor of something very powerful.
Laughter is the best medicine, open up & say "Ha-Ha."   -Craig Shoemaker